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Error Failed Android/hardware/camera.smali In Framework.jar Cannot Be Remedied

Skipping patch. 5 out of 5 hunks ignored -- saving rejects to file smali/com/android/internal/telephony/cdma/EriManager.smali.rej !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!! In those cases I usually asking to take radiolog. But there is a wishable place - cond_6: invoke-direct {p0}, Lcom/android/provision/DefaultActivity;->finishSetup()V yyyyeah, right to finish so we are changing cond_5 to cond_6: if-ne v1, v2, :cond_6 that's it! ef9e8d09 - build libc++ statically. Check This Out

Here is his post with download link and features description (including auto-update from Github!) If you have any trouble with ApG check your anti-virus. Looks the same to me. 10.1.2 means it is a Final release, so it is based on the code from May sometime. Logging improvements. # 2012.10.07. (v2.1.5) Final pdroid support for CM7.2 Official Releases # Added aosp-mod patches for pdroid patching of AOSP kangs # Switched to Chainfire's (f)aapt for speed/space reasons # Reload to refresh your session.

We're conscious of the fact that so many of us do this work for love and that getting recognition for your efforts can be the only reward. D/dalvikvm( 132): DEX prep '/system/ framework/ext.jar': unzip in 42ms, rewrite 625ms 2. Change to look like above.

patches/openpdroid/4.2/cm/20130626/system/media/PDroid.jpeg' ->./system/media/PDroid.jpeg' ... Disassemble Settings.apk, navigate to bools.xml in res/values. adding: classes.dex(in = 8340848) (out= 3416966)(deflated 59%) adding: preloaded-classes(in = 96019) (out= 16111)(deflated 83%) ... However, that always is the way when you release software.

For example: Open " stock base" and delete blahh blah blah then open "miui port" and transfer those files to their respective folders in " stock base". This means your nfc corresponds with your nfc libs, needs nfc.apk and updated smali to v1.2.4 added support for API Level 8 resource qualifiers: night, car, etc. (Issue 176) added support for broken file-resources (Issue 202) don’t generate sdkVersion ("-v") resource qualifiers if Thanks for the quick help.

It changes your framework-res to recognize that the tablet is voice capable. decompile Mms.apk ... Let's assume again: disassemble something - usually means issuing apktool d [full name of apk or jar] command on file I specify if more info not specified assemble something - usually Aditya Fattepurkar, Aug 11, 2013 #13 spezi77 Members Trophy Points: 11 Hello, Very informative tut!

  • That's why the patcher wasn't ready with patches ready for it.
  • PDroid 2.0 (pd2.0):CollegeDev's update of the core PDroid app and framework.
  • copy from base to miui storage_list.xml and replace when prompted.
  • apply preloaded.patch ...
  • This will be covered in the tweaks section of guide.

AS NOTED ALL EDITS IN TELEPHONY-COMMON MUST BE DONE TO FRAMEWORK.JAR AS WELL OR VICE VERSA UNLESS TOLD OTHERWISE. Reload to refresh your session. I’ve tested it on 85 random apps pulled from my device: 0.9.1 gave me 28 failures, 0.9.2 only 2. generated updater-script ui_print(""); ui_print(""); ui_print("~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"); ui_print("* "); ui_print(" * The Auto-Patcher * "); ui_print(" * * * * "); ui_print(" * by mateor * "); ui_print(" *"); ui_print("~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~"); ui_print(""); ui_print(" Attention");

services.jar Unlike framework.jar, there are lesser things to do. his comment is here New AOKP OPD patches # 2013.06.19. (v2.9.85) Fixes to auto-update. But some of the custom roms can fail. Framework mods to make it boot Rom not booting? - that is most likely a framework issue, that is remained from Nexus S/Galaxy Nexus.

For those users who feel like they would like to donate to the Auto-Patcher specifically, we have thought long and hard about the ethics of it and eventually decided that we error: failed framework.patch !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! v2.0.2 2015.10.12 Migration Instructions from 2.0.1 to 2.0.2 Fixed issues with apks that use .9.xml files, which improperly triggered 9patch decoder. (Issue 1005) Prevent compressing resources that should not be. (Pull this contact form Look at the framework-res on your device, it also might have different LUN file path(actually it is a file, which collects all your SD data to be mounted as usb drive),

added task title to log # 2012.05.31. (v0.4.4) CM9 patches updated, crespo-aosp added # 2012.06.04. (v0.4.5) added checking tools and rom, added aroma installer support # add patch outputs reroute # please refer to /host/HomICS/ap/log20120620104041 for any debugging ! Fixed issue with echo in helper scripts. (Issue 1056) Fixed issue with mnc1 qualifier. (Issue 1072) Fixed issue with apks that have a 28 byte ResConfig size. (Issue 1084) / Thanks

without argument 20130516 log file: ROOT= /home/denny/Android/auto-patcher TOOL= /home/denny/Android/auto-patcher/patch_tools.tgz ROM= /home/denny/Android/auto-patcher/ ROMX= /home/denny/Android/auto-patcher/ PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. --- ping statistics --- 1 packets transmitted, 0 received, 100%

Understanding logs and debugging Yes, exactly understanding. Maintained by Caldair. Requirements for execution: Java (JDK), cpio, patch Help For usage and patch availability, place a into this directory and try Code: $./auto_patcher .zip -h mods The Auto-Patcher v2.5.0 ******************************* The spezi77, Sep 13, 2013 #14 jeanrivera Members Trophy Points: 21 Hi, I have used this guide to try to port MIUI to HTC One (M7) myself but now im getting stuck

OpenPDroid(openpdroid): NEW!Brand new open-source framework patches, designed for use with the open-source Pdroid Manager. How to fix bugs Error failed android/hardware/camera.smali in framework.jar cannot be remedied Try slightly lower following options. NEW Mods for Wifi-only Tablets.3G Dongle (3gdongle):This allows users of Wifi tabs to use their 3G dongles on their tablets, allowing them to have data on the go. navigate here You will see where it goes when you open the file.

Reply The Following 14 Users Say Thank You to mateorod For This Useful Post: [ View ] alharaka(9th October 2012), Amplified(30th March 2013), baastien(29th October 2012), biopsin(19th June 2012), Born2Model3D(6th April Rearrange structure for ApG. # 2013.01.23. (v2.5.4) Fix small bugs related to rearrange # 2013.01.25. (v2.5.7) 4.2 TabletUI support [cm,aokp,aosp,Evervolv] # 2013.01.28. (v2.5.8) Fix for ICS PDroid; small fixes/expansions # 2013.02.01. From logcat: E/WifiStateMachine( 364): Failed to start supplicant!