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Error Failed To Compress Checkpoint Software Files

Additionally, if you have installed the Practice CS program on the SQL server (during Step #3 of the installation), you will usually find that Practice CS works properly when accessed from If you receive an error attempting this, the server will need to be rebooted. Click on Security and make sure the box for SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode is checked. Examples of error message variations A transport-level error has occurred when sending the request to the server, (provider: Shared Memory Provider, error: 0 - Shared Memory Provider:) An error has occurred this contact form

Authentication Mode Once connected to the proper database instance in Microsoft SQL Management Studio, right-click on the instance name and choose Properties. If it is not listed, verify that your database instance is set to SQL Server and Windows Authentication Mode (see the steps above) and reinstall the program on the server. Note: This occurs instead of "There is a problem accessing the SQL Server" because when the program is unable to access the SQL Server on the network, it looks for, and To turn off compression and/or encryption, right-click on the Program Files (or Program Files (x86) ) folder on the server and choose Properties.

If it is not, right-click on Named Pipes and choose Enable. Choose SQL Server and click Finish. If you have multiple WinCSI directories, you may need to confirm the directory you are using for this install is indeed the active location for Practice CS. You will not be able to access Practice CS until a Practice CS database is available.

  • In the right-hand pane, verify that Named Pipes is "Enabled".
  • For further assistance in troubleshooting this issue on your firm's computers, you would need to contact a qualified IT professional who is proficient with SQL Server and your network.
  • These files cannot be compressed or encrypted.

For Windows Vista, 7 and Server 2008: From the Start menu, go to All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 20xx > Configuration Tools > SQL Server Configuration Manager. Note: If you need the IPV4 IP address, enter pingMACHINENAME -4. This can be done either in the SQL Server Services section of the Configuration manager, or in Services.msc under the name SQL Server (instancename) The Practice CS Database Server machine is If outbound connections are restricted at a workstation, the program may not be able to connect to the SQL server.

Database Owner Open Microsoft SQL Management Studio on the SQL server and connect to your SQL Server instance. The following steps will use tools built into Windows (and completely independent of Practice CS) to attempt to establish a connection between a computer and your SQL Server: Create an ODBC If any links do not apply to a build, omit them. -->