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Error Failed To Initialize Chud.framework

Regardless, your help continues to be much appreciated. sofaman.oz05-07-2010, 01:24 AMActually rather than just getting you to fix my problem, I'm going to try being more proactive now. Unfortunately I am having a problem with the Myst III installer. Let me know how you get on. this contact form

[email protected] 37 Peter Peter 1680 24 Feb 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 603180 8 Apr 2001 MACAamb_CrystalEnergy [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 119114 8 Apr 2001 MACAstg_Drip2 [email protected] 1 Peter Peter Thank you again! The CHUD install package is hidden on the DVD, so the easiest way to install it is to enter this command in Terminal: open '/Volumes/Mac OS X Install DVD/Optional Installs.localized/Packages/CHUD.pkg' If Bloodbot4ever05-12-2010, 02:44 PMThe app jacket and chud installer worked perfectly with Myst III from the 10th anniversary set.

In Terminal, both sets of commands work as you describe. After downloading the installer, follow these steps: 1. It also has an 'ENGLISH.m3u' where a number of forum posts have referred to 'language.m3u' (I originally thought they meant "insert language here", but apparently not). It only works through the CHUD interface, and I'm not sure why.

stormewolf06-04-2011, 08:43 AMIt works now! It's very random, it might work one time and then crash the next. Did you perhaps move (or rename) the app while it was running? sofaman.oz05-07-2010, 01:06 AMThanks for that Gannet. It seems to get the latest version of the CHUD tools that will work with 10.6, you need to sign up as an Apple Developer and download the entire Xcode Would anyone be able test this out for me? Just a black screen. Do you download an exe, a zip/rar file, an iso file, or what?

[email protected] 7 root admin 238 28 Jul 22:56 .. sofaman.oz05-06-2010, 06:22 AMI've tried your installer with Myst III, and no problems at all with the install. Are you not able to turn it off? This is like virtual cores, so it would cause the same result.

  • Is the behaviour consistent?
  • When I run the realMyst installer everything works fine.
  • [email protected] 37 Peter Peter 1680 24 Feb 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 3252976 5 Apr 2001 LI_THEME_C.mp3 [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 428826 13 Jan 2001 LI_THEME_ghost1.mp3 [email protected] 1 Peter Peter
  • I'm doing that now, and will let you know how I go once I've tried installing the tools.
  • [email protected] 2 Peter Peter 1444 14 Mar 2002 Data [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 229376 2 May 2002 Desktop DB [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 79794 14 Mar 2002 Desktop DF [email protected] 2
  • But even after setting both (such that hwprefs cpu_count returns 1 and hwprefs cpu_ht returns 0), the game plays the same.
  • I have a fully installed windows version of the game burned on a cd.
  • This means that a discussion here of Myst IV problems is *entirely* inappropriate, over and above depriving other Mac folks with a similar Myst IV problem of a solution.
  • I had already tried your original suggestion with no joy, and sadly the updated app hasn't fixed it either.
  • hwprefs cpu_ht=false cpu_count=1 (or vice versa) Otherwise I guess I'll just have to make a note about it and leave it.

[email protected] 37 Peter Peter 1680 24 Feb 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 1106272 17 Mar 2001 LIFO_Ambient [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 531464 29 Mar 2001 LIFO_BirdTrapLoop.wav [email protected] 1 Peter Peter I'm afraid I don't know how to help with that though - it really ought to be fine. Also, I already had CHUD and Xcode for something else, but when I enter the hwprefs cpu_count command in terminal, I get: command not found. Gannet702-28-2011, 07:53 PMYes, that's exactly the problem CHUD is supposed to fix.

What language do you use on your computer? weblink [email protected] 37 Peter Peter 1680 24 Feb 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 902373 7 Apr 2001 LEOS_SCENE_5_2.mp3 [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 346156 9 Apr 2001 LEOSsfx_BridgeOpenST [email protected] 1 Peter Peter Admittedly, I did install CHUD off of my original 10.5 install disk that came with the laptop, rather than my 10.6 install disk. If you go down to one CPU, it automatically checks the HT box.

No difference. Heimdall_G10-01-2010, 04:22 PMAre you trying to install Myst III: Exile or Myst IV: Revelation? I have is from the complete 1-5 collection box which, although having 'Myst3 Mac Installer' in the main directory, does not have a Mac application in the 'English' directory. navigate here Heimdall_G05-14-2010, 02:59 PMPlease note that we are currently in the "Myst Forums - Myst, Riven, Exile".

pericat07-21-2011, 11:39 AMI downloaded the latest installers from your Dropbox page, and it appears that Exile will now run without offering to change the cores. Willing to investigate as long as you are. :-) (Can't tell you how much I appreciate your taking the time for this.) Oh, and I went into main.scpt briefly, thinking I wstrohm04-02-2011, 11:33 AMRan into the choppy audio problem when Exile was first released.

Gannet704-04-2011, 03:39 AMOh, I mean the Myst III Exile app that gets installed, not the installer app.

symphonicT04-03-2011, 11:48 PMIntriguing. Myst III seems to be working properly thru the game play, however the opening intro conversations are choppy and can't make sense of what is being said. Thanks again for your time and continued support of this neglected (support-wise) series. Upon opening the realMyst application, I get an error: Error opening winit file: init\win_init.dat I am not super computer savvy, but I'm not computer illiterate either.

Sure enough, checking the contents of the installer and the alias there cannot find the 'original'. PeterStanton07-27-2011, 05:18 AMHi Gannet7, Thank you so much for sorting out these installers. So the solution is of course to get CHUD working properly. his comment is here What is latest version of CHUD?

Gannet702-28-2011, 12:23 AMHi THoke, After setting your CPUs to 1, check that it actually worked by typing "hwprefs cpu_count". [email protected] 15 Peter Peter 1340 6 Jun 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 69960679 3 Apr 2001 ENCHnodes.m3a [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 49141684 3 Apr 2001 ENDDnodes.m3a [email protected] 1 Peter Peter The only headache is the amount of red tape required to download Xcode. Gannet705-07-2010, 03:02 AMGreat to hear you got it working!

Possibly the fix is no longer working on newer hardware... Gannet704-17-2011, 01:27 PMExcellent. [email protected] 37 Peter Peter 1680 24 Feb 2002 .. [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 571088 17 Mar 2001 ENEM_AmbientLoop1 [email protected] 1 Peter Peter 833964 9 Dec 2000 ENEM_AmbientLoop2 [email protected] 1 Peter Peter I'm running MacOS 10.6.3 on a late 2007 15" Macbook Pro.

But after that, starting the app from the Resources folder works correctly. Thanks for all your help!