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Error Failed To Open Codec Engine Decoder

Thus, your application needs to be multi-threaded if you want other threads to use the processing time while waiting for the DSP to perform its algorithms. In this case, if any of the "current" input buffers has been referenced in a "previous" process/control call, then a stale fragment of that buffer may already be resident in the But all I got was a kernel oops in the lpm_omap3530 module. See Also TI official DaVinci FAQ Spectrum Digital (HW) FAQ Multimedia codec FAQ DVEVM and DVSDK frequently asked questions Framework Components FAQ Codec Engine Examples For technical support please post your this contact form

If you do that, verify the script update correctly the fb1 (the script configure 16 MB for fb1) this is necessary because the DMAI cannot set correctly the memory, this is Getting Information about Algorithms Configured into an Engine An application may determine the number of algorithms configured into an Engine and their properties, such as the name of the algorithm and Miller <[hidden email]> wrote: Probably you want: engineName=codecServer codecName=mpeg2dec Look for a file with  a name like gstticodecplugin_dm365.cfg (it'll be different if you aren't using dm365) in your DVSDK source.   numAlgs is non-NULL.

Reply Cancel Cancel Reply Suggest as Answer Use rich formatting Mastermind 36620 points Juan Gonzales Mar 19, 2009 3:42 AM In reply to Ferhat OLGUN: Section 4.5 and 4.6 of GSG I read so much problemsrelated to this subjecton net but I can not find any solution. Parameters: [in]engineThe handle to an engine, previously acquired by a call to Engine_open(). NOTE: A symbolic link is used because it makes it easier to update server executable without having to recreate the link.

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  2. Adding Engines to the Engine Database (BIOS 6) In BIOS 5 based versions of Codec Engine, all engines must be statically configured into the application’s .cfg file.
  3. Engine_EINVALThe value of algInfoSize passed to this function does not match the CE library's sizeof(Engine_AlgInfo).

The execution overhead is the same as that of XDAIS algorithms. phys_start1=0x1000 phys_end1=0x8000 pools1= ... For example, if you're doing triple-buffering, append the string ":::3" to the codec name in the "create" call. Prodigy 30 points yanzhang my question: I work on DM6467 with dvsdk_1_40_00_31.

allowOverlap=1 A more typical use case exists on the DM365, which has TCM memory from physical addresses 0x00000000->0x00008000. Cache Coherence When developing an application for a multiprocessor platform (including those with multiple processing cores, hardware accelerators, and DMA Engines) in which some memory regions are cached, you must perform IntEngine_fwriteTrace (Engine_Handle engine, String prefix, FILE *out) Write Server's trace buffer to specifed file stream. DM355), this API is not supported and hence returns an error when called.

Collect DSP-side errors and warnings every 200 ms and print them to standard output. The following Server APIs provide the means to reconfigure the algorithm heap: Server_Status Server_redefineHeap(Server_Handle server, String name, Uint32 base, Uint32 size); Server_Status Server_restoreHeap(Server_Handle server, String name); The name parameter passed This topic has an example of how to instrument your code using GT. The "synchronous" method requires only one message, hence the default of 1.

The base address should be 8-byte aligned, but there are no alignment restrictions on size; a value of 0 for size is acceptable.[email protected]/msg07976.html Engine_Handle Engine_open ( String name, Engine_Attrs * attrs, Engine_Error * ec ) Open an Engine. Parameters: [in]engineThe handle to the opened engine. [in]maskTrace mask, e.g. "*=01234567" Return values: Engine_ENOSERVERNo server for this engine. Engine_getUsedMem() - Get Engine memory usage.

Remarks:This only sets the trace for a remote server. The VISA APIs use various buffer descriptors (e.g. This protects each Engine instance from access by other threads in a multi-threaded environment. TraceUtils is only for multi-core devices (e.g.

Engine_EINUSE Server trace resource is already in use. Please see the appropriate section of, “What about Software Trace?” for the description of trace mask strings that apply. Calculating module dependenciesLoading modules: Checking all file systems: fsckfsck 1.35 (28-Feb-2004)Mounting local filesystems: mount nothing was mountedCleaning: /tmp /var/lock /var/run done.Setting up networking (ifupdown) ..Cleaning: /etc/network/run/ifstate done.Starting network interfaces: done.Starting hotplug This is illustrated in the CE example audio1_copy/async/app.c: static String decoderName = "auddec1_copy:::3"; static String encoderName = "audenc1_copy:::3"; This feature is documented in the CE documentation.

Content on this site may contain or be subject to specific guidelines or limitations on use. Draw an asterisk triangle Is it plagiarims (or bad practice) to cite reviews instead of source material directly? This enables efficient data passing between cores as only pointers are passed and no copies are made.

Error checking has been omitted from the code fragment below, but the source code in the Codec Engine example app, server_api_example, can be consulted for proper error handling.

CMEM). DSP/BIOS provides the TRC and LOG modules to collect information about various DSP/BIOS system events such as task switching. Remarks:This function finalizes the Codec Engine modules used in the current configuration. See this article for more details.

If you're building a library: If you're not using XDC's package.bld-based build, you'll have to explicitly define your 'target' via the -Dxdc_target_types__= and -Dxdc_target_name__= definitions. Best regards Ole The reply is currently minimized Show Load more replies Your Reply Please login to post a reply You will need to be logged in to be able to The second argument — "auddec_copy" - is a string that identifies the type of algorithm to create. his comment is here In both cases, the application (or driver) should start filling a cache-invalidated buffer.

For example, the CE/XDAIS example codecs are very portable and build for many different targets/architectures - and as a result, their getLibs() return libraries for many different targets. See “Trace Mask Values” for details on the different trace level values. /* Set server trace mask */ status = Server_setTrace(server, "ti.sdo.ce.%=EX567"); /* Dump server trace to stdout */ count For example: ce = Engine_open(engineName, NULL, &errorCode); if (ce == NULL) { printf("Error: could not open engine \"%s\"; Error code%d.\n", engineName, errorCode); } Closing an Engine To close an Engine instance Can I remove the package paths embedded in my executable?

DM355)? 2.17 Why is my linker failing to find the _DSPLINKDATA_init symbol? 2.18 The docs seem quite Linux-centric. Yes. I suspect some of them will be solved by reinstalling/reconfiguring some parts of the system since it was halfway fucked up before though ;) (I\\\'m using Ubuntu 9.10 with previous kernel This structure is different for each of the VISA classes.

Newer versions of Codec Engine have added the following API: Engine_Error Engine_getAlgInfo2(String name, Engine_Handle engine, Engine_AlgInfo2 *algInfo2, Int index); This API can be passed either an engine handle or an engine You can also use the Engine module to get information about memory use and CPU loading. The end user's main() - whether server or app - shouldn't know (or care!) what the implementation is; it simply has to ensure that CERuntime_init() is called prior to making any The reply is currently minimized Show Accepted Answer mcaro Offline Monday, March 01 2010, 04:44 PM - #permalink 0 Hi, Example 1, Please Attach your dmesg output.

This error occurs when creating a remote algorithm, if the stubs (ARM-side) and skeletons (DSP-side) for the given class of algorithm (e.g. See TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard Rules and Guidelines (SPRU352) for details. Your application can handle this error. Thank you for your cooperation. _______________________________________________ gstreamer-devel mailing list [hidden email] -- Pranshu NaharB.E(Hons)EEE,Msc(Hons)Mathematics Bits-Pilani _______________________________________________ gstreamer-devel mailing list [hidden email] « Return to GStreamer-devel | 1 view|%1 views Loading...

Engine_ENOTFOUNDindex is greater than or equal to the total number of algorithms configured for the engine, or index < 0. If you are using the .runtimeEnv param to set the OS adaptation layer via ti.sdo.ce.osal.Global (as is recommended), you can set .commLocateRetries as follows var osalGlobal = xdc.useModule('ti.sdo.ce.osal.Global'); osalGlobal.runtimeEnv = osalGlobal.DSPLINK_LINUX; For example, the following code uses the AUDDEC_control() function to query a decoder to verify that the decoder accepts one input buffer, returns one output buffer, and uses buffer sizes that The Load feature was subsequently integrated into, and redistributed with, BIOS 6.