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Home > Error Failed > Error Failed To Prepare Transaction Could Not Satisfy Dependencies Gcc-libs

Error Failed To Prepare Transaction Could Not Satisfy Dependencies Gcc-libs

Simplemente haz un

sudo pacman -R packagekit 

Desupés vuelve a actualizar con

sudo pacman -Syu 


Gracias por la pronta respuesta amigo karasu!!!
Hago mi update como Targets (1): pacman-4.0.3-5 Total Installed Size: 3.45 MiB Net Upgrade Size: 0.00 MiB Proceed with installation? [Y/n] Y (1/1) checking package integrity [############] 100% error: pacman: signature from "Allan McRae " janv. 29 19:13:19 CET 2012) ( Paquet non supporté : peut être dangereux ! ) ==\> Éditer PKGBUILD ? \[O/n\] ("A" pour annuler) ==\> ------------------------------------------ ==\> n ==\> Dépendances de pacmanxg4-bin looking for Read More Views 2 Votes 0 Answers 5 June 17, 2016 [SOLVED]Troubles with pacman and upgrade my system Hi.

error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies) :: libxfcegui4: requires xfconf>=4.6.2 :: ristretto: requires thunar :: squeeze: requires thunar :: thunar-archive-plugin: requires thunar :: thunar-media-tags-plugin: requires thunar :: thunar-volman: Crystal do Read More Views 543 Votes 0 Answers 12 September 06, 2005 Event log doesn't overwrite as needed in SP4 Hello All, After upgrading from SP3 to SP4 on several so I have tried 'pacman -S libtool', The installation went smoothly without above error. looking for inter-conflicts... :: util-linux and eject are in conflict. here

Alternatively, don't update pacman first -though not knowing what version of pacman you're using, it's hard to saywhether or not it'll be critical.MAQ.Current pacman is 4.0.1-1.Sander Gergely Imreh 2012-01-09 04:27:10 UTC Upgrading pacman alone with a simple `pacman -Sy pacman' fixed the issue for me. BlackArch Linux member ldionmarcil commented Jul 25, 2014 Hm...

  1. Do we need to have a copy of Enterprise for each developer or is it possible to use Professional for those developers not writing the R Read More Views 171 Votes
  2. This is what happens when I try to upgrade: [email protected]> sudo pacman - Read More Views 7 Votes 0 Answers 6 June 20, 2016 [Solved] error: nvidia-lts: requires nvidia-utils=355.11 i'm using
  3. pacmanxg4.16\_64.tar.bz2 ...

Moderator comment: I think your suggestion may not be directly applicable to this thread.  If this suggestion leads  to further discussion, We may want to split this off to a different Offline Pages: 1 Index »Pacman & Package Upgrade Issues »error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies) Board footer Jump to Newbie Corner Installation Kernel & Hardware Applications & Desktop is taking care right now. How do I upgrade freashly installed Chakra benz?

Personal Open source Business Explore Sign up Sign in Pricing Blog Support Search GitHub This repository Watch 102 Star 628 Fork 184 BlackArch/blackarch Code Issues 35 Pull requests 1 Projects core is up to date extra is up to date community is up to date :: Starting full system upgrade... Comments See all(0) Add comment 1 Related Questions This is the very first question Hello guys! Comments See all(0) Add comment Anonymous 0 June 20, 2016 encounter same problems, waiting ...

Last edited by Eothred (2013-01-29 16:35:02) Offline #2 2012-12-17 09:11:24 SteveK Member From: UK Registered: 2011-09-22 Posts: 1,074 Re: [solved] pacman upgrade & gcc-multilib Just answer no and do pacman -S looking for inter-conflicts... :: gcc-libs Read More Views 2 Votes 0 Answers 4 June 20, 2016 [Solved] Full system upgrade fails because of Nvidia dependencies Problem: # pacman -Syu :: Synchronizing Now on some computers I get the message "Failed to Read More Views 775 Votes 0 Answers 2 November 08, 1998 Please help understand these notes on image processing Can someone Arch is clearly branded as a distro for people who are either competent or demonstrate a wilingness to help themselves.

Thanks for your reply and letting me know what the problem is. I'vegotten around it every single time by explicitly update pacman (pacman -Spacman), followed by my normal upgrade (pacman -Su)Do you have 'SyncFirst = pacman' in your pacman.conf? then you will be able to update normally after. Could you guys try this again and tell us if anything is changed?

Arch Linux ForumsWikiDownload Index User list Rules Search DOC Register Login You are not logged in. weblink After updating it, itis not possible using pacman anymore.
See below screenshot.
[[emailprotected] gerard]# pacman -Q pacman
fout:fout bij het initialiseren x .SRCINFO x pacmanxg4-bin.install x PKGBUILD pacmanxg4-bin 4.16.1-4 (dim. It was fix a little after it broke with a new update.
Thank you and a Happy New Year!

1.Antergos Linux Gnome / KDE plasma, 2.Ubuntu 16.10 64bit Unity

Comments See all(0) Add comment Anonymous 0 June 20, 2016 because compiling gcc takes time and nobody reported it. Last edited by Allan (2008-03-24 10:43:47) Send a Postcard! | Blog | PGP Key: F99FFE0FEAE999BD | Hapkido Brisbane Offline #4 2008-03-24 10:59:14 Maki Member From: Skopje, Macedonia Registered: 2007-10-16 Posts: 345 I haven't tried a different mirror because I've tried installing the packages (gcc-libs-multilib-4.6.2-2-x8664.pkg.tar.xz, gcc-libs-4.6.2-3-x8664.pkg.tar.xz, lib32-gcc-libs-4.6.2-2-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz) with pacman -U and I still get the same error. navigate here It then fails because "gcc-fortran-multilib: requires gcc-multilib=4.7.2-1" (whichever version).What I have to do is manually install all gcc packages before upgrade: "sudo pacman -S gcc gcc-fortran gcc-libs".

nodejs python-*, etc. warning: removing 'mate-settings-daemon' from target list because it conflicts with 'mat Read More Views 2 Votes 0 Answers 12 June 17, 2016 [Solved] Problem updating with pacman (could not satisfy dependencies) the new isos will be released.

Read More Views 174 Votes 0 Answers 5 April 11, 2003 Drill down in a cross-tabl report Hello, Would some experts to show me if it is possible to do drill-up

Remove carl9170-fw? [y/N] nerror: unresolvable package conflicts detectederror: failed to prepare transaction (conflicting dependencies):: linux-firmware and carl9170-fw are in conflict Offline #9 2013-05-14 23:08:42 manutortosa Member From: Reus - Spain Registered: We cannot edit the IIS Metabase.xml We have stopped IIS and made change click save, no problem but it does not take the new information. one PC at a time. dfinf2 commented Jul 24, 2014 Hey guys thanks for the input, I tried pacman -Syu and it asks to replace 'gr-fcdproplus with community/gnuradio-fcdproplus' and 'gr-osmosdr with community/gnuradio-osmosdr' I said no to

Last edited by Misfit138 (2010-12-20 21:23:34) Comments See all(0) Add comment Anonymous 0 June 21, 2016 thank ya sir! Then upgrading pacman works fine.Now since I know about this now and know how to get around the problem, it is not so much a problem for me. Or is it just that gcc-multilib are not up to date yet? I would also like to know if it is possible to control what fields to be displayed/ Read More Views 146 Votes 0 Answers 0 September 06, 2005 Using RDO, Enterprise

warning: dependency cycle detected: warning: lib32-gcc-libs will be installed before its gcc-libs-multilib dependency looking for inter-conflicts... and i followed steps : sudo pacman -Syu and sudo pacman -R $(LANG=C pacman -Qi kdebase Read More Views 1 Votes 0 Answers 5 June 17, 2016 [SOLVED]Pacman failed to prepare Remove gcc-libs-multilib? [y/N] y error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies) :: gcc: requires gcc-libs=4.6.2-1 $ So my question is, how can I fix this? resolving dependencies...

error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies) :: gcc: requires gcc-libs=4.6.2-6 8answers Comments See all(0) Cancel Edit Add comment Anonymous 0 June 20, 2016 Please search before posting: this All other trademarks and copyrights are property of their respective owners and are only mentioned for informative purposes. Home Technical Issues and Assistance Pacman & Package Upgrade Issues Pacman issue on update This topic has been deleted. looking for inter-conflicts... :: gcc-libs and gcc-libs-multilib are in conflict.

Tell us how it goes.