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Error Failed To Retrieve Record On The Device.4238

Be sure to click Like! Error Message EID-264: The selected user has been deleted from the NE. Step5 If Steps 1 to 4 do not correct the error, install a new browser. Select a destination group that contains only SONET or only SDH NEs. his comment is here

In the example below we can see that Guntime (red) is used for ranking purposes and Chiptime (blue) is shown for informational purposes only.","":"Sportstats scored the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii There can be only one incoming and outgoing link for a node. Error Message EID-210: Could not activate selected task(s). Error Message EID-378: No Layer 2 service is selected to show drops. page

An email is sent to our corrections team. Specify the character that you want to use as the separation character. The password cannot contain the same characters as the user ID, even in a different order.

Place","":"Sportstats acquired Race Headquarters of Vancouver","":"Sportstats expanded to its current 4000sqf location on Colonnade Rd.","":"To claim this result, get your certificate, make a correction or use other features, visit the official Recommended Action Select a protection group that contains at least one working card. Error Message EID-335: Are you sure you want to delete the selected CTC binary? The difference between chip time and gun time is quite simple.  Most awards are based on GUN TIME – the time from the start of the race (gun) to when you

Note You can run the memory restore operation for only one NE at a time. Recommended Action Check access rights and disk space. Recommended Action To proceed with the save, click the Refresh Data tool, change the selected Control Panel property sheet, and click Save. Recommended Action You clicked the Other radio button but did not specify a separation character.

Recommended Action Enter an end ID value that is greater than the start ID value; then, click OK to filter the data. Recommended Action Enter a username. Error Message EID-333: A database timeout occurred. Recommended Action Repeat the search with new search criteria.

Recommended Action Wait for the NE to synchronize with the IOS configuration; then, try again. Recommended Action The NE is not reachable. Style your athletes experience with customized finishing certificates and access to finishline photos","":"The last name field is required and may not exceed 50 characters.","overview.features.text.clock":"Timing Clocks","navbar.about":"About","default.language":"Browser’s Language","started.following":"started following","copyright.title":"Copyright","split":"Split","search.athletes":"Search Athletes","completed.races":"Completed Races","men":"Men","corporate.privacy.p15":"If an Individual Select another separator or check the check box to enclose text in double quotes, which includes the separator.

Please try again. this content Result Request Error An error occurred while processing your result request. Recommended Action Use CTC to clear the alarm. Recommended Action A database error occurred during this operation.

Recommended Action Enter a username for CTM server-to-NE connections. Recommended Action Restart the CTM client and retry. Recommended Action Enter a valid SNTP address. weblink Simply log in to Facebook or Twitter and select the appropriate radio button associated with your name or another athlete\u0027s name in the results list.","august":"August","faq.share.racetime.with.friends.2":"Yes, there is two ways to share

Also, verify that the DISPLAY variable is set correctly. Recommended Action If you know where you are logged in currently, close that session. Error Message EID-291: The SNTP address cannot be empty when Use SNTP Server is selected.

Recommended Action The logout timer has logged you out of this session.

  1. The data shown may be inconsistent with the network element's actual configuration.
  2. Recommended Action Do not delete this network partition because it is associated with a subnetwork.
  3. Press OK to sort.
  4. Recommended Action Enter a value from 30 to 2147483647.
  5. Specify a unique name for this OSS client and retry.
  6. Error Message EID-381: Failed to create the QoS template.
  7. Please try the request again.

Recommended Action Confirm whether you want to delete the selected CTC binary. Restart the CTM client and retry. i selected the option to only send the contacts from the bb to outlook, in order for him to organize. Recommended Action Add at least one access element to the EFD.

Changes made might not be communicated to other CTM clients. maxoly commented Nov 11, 2015 Having the same issue only when running in debug mode with Xcode with the device connected to the debugger. Recommended Action Select a different user. Try performing the task again.

Hope there will be a fix in a new iOS version soon though. Error Message EID-197: Maximum number of login attempts exceeded. Recommended Action Select no more than three parameters to plot. Recommended Action Ping the server workstation to see if you have IP connectivity.

Error Message EID-159: Selected NEs for software download are of different model types. Application will be shut down. Recommended Action Refresh the Control Panel window. Error Message EID-137: The selection list contains only the deleted NE.

Recommended Action Select at least two drops on two different ML-series cards that are in Resilient Packet Ring (RPR) topology. Recommended Action Restoring the configuration file as running configuration will only append to the existing running configuration and will not delete the commands that are now present in the new configuration Retype the password. Recommended Action Run the showctm command to see what CTM server processes are running.

Verify that the backup file is not corrupted and that its contents are valid for the restore operation. Recommended Action Database user data is missing. Error Message EID-402: The Hold Off Time value must be between 0 to 10000 with a precision of 100. The photo company is responsible of the photos of the event.

Error Message EID-405: Failed to trace the following VLANs: VLANs Recommended Action Contact the system administrator. Restart the CTM client and retry. However, we know this hasn't worked in at least one case.