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Error Handler Class Log4j


Into this file, look the value of nuxeo.log.dir. void setLogger(Loggerlogger) Adds the logger passed as parameter to the list of loggers that we need to search for in case of appender failure. Parameters:message - The message assoicated with the error.e - The Exption that was thrown when the error occured.errorCode - The error code associated with the error.event - The logging event that Trying it out: To test this works, make your log file read-only, or change the path of the file to one which doesn't exist. check over here

The configuration of the ErrorHandler worked so far, the log4j-debug showing everythings correct, but I ran into a problem I could not solve until yet. Page served in 0.02 sec by Quandora 4.28.0 #221 Products Nuxeo Platform Online Services Nuxeo Studio Nuxeo Marketplace Nuxeo Cloud Nuxeo Support Nuxeo Drive Nuxeo Mobile Pricing Solutions Document Management Digital So if you log too much thing, this will slow down the server. Specified by:error in interface ErrorHandler error public void error(Stringmessage, Exceptione, interrorCode, LoggingEventevent) Prints the message and the stack trace of the exception on

Php Error Handler Class

void setBackupAppender(title="interface in org.apache.log4j">Appenderappender) Set the appender to falkback upon in case of failure. This file is below: