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Error In Calculating Solver Matrix Parallelization Enabled


Simulation project task could … cst solver matrix - CST error simulation AMD64.exe - Adaptive solution setup, process hf3d error: Matrix solver exception: … Error in calculating solver matrix. saab Aug 11 2014, 19:44 Цитата(CST MWS @ Aug 12 2014, 03:51) Can anyone help me?Well man, I have seen your project. dabbler May 13 2014, 11:57 Цитата(mu4a4a @ May 13 2014, 06:28) Добрый день!Подскажите пожалуйста решение данной ошибки error in calculating solver matrix (parallelization enabled).Заранее благодарна.Самому бы хотелось разобраться. Возникает, как правило, Collapsed? More about the author

The standard configuration is one full solver process with one solver module and one additional frontend. Collapsed?Sorry i don't understand what you mean. JI##l:,7r 1 warning occurred. I used the exact same model on the previous simulation, but with bigger size … ← Previous Post Next Post → If you enjoyed this article please consider sharing it!

Error In Calculating Solver Matrix Cst - Colorway Wordpress Theme by µЗВј Ф]ѓФ їмЅЭНЁµА №Ш±Х Дъ»№Г»УРµЗВјЈ¬їмЅЭНЁµАЦ»УРФЪµЗВјєуІЕДЬК№УГЎЈ БўјґµЗВј »№Г»УРХКєЕЈї ёПЅф ЧўІЯТ»ёц ВЫМі ЦчТі ОўІ© Ф]ѓФВЫМі Гв·СЛчФД ВЫМі»о¶Ї°жЧЁЗш ИИГЕ°жїй µзґЕ·ВХж МмПЯВЫМі КэЦµјЖЛг µзґЕАнВЫ ЙдЖµµзВ· µзґЕјжИЭ Please try the request again. CST MWS Aug 9 2014, 12:11 Цитата(l1l1l1 @ Aug 9 2014, 09:43) пожалуйста, переложите файл на другой файлообменник.SpeedyShare я не пользуюсь и вам не советую.вот мои впечатления об этом файлообменнике:I understand CST MWS Aug 24 2014, 08:32 Цитата(saab @ Aug 16 2014, 06:05) next weekHey friendHave you obtained the answer?Best Regards saab Aug 24 2014, 15:44 Цитата(CST MWS @ Aug 24 2014,

Download PDF Products CST STUDIO SUITE CST MWS CST DS CST EMS CST PS CST MPS CST PCBS CST CS CST BOARDCHECK Antenna Magus Optenni Lab Applications Microwave & RF EDA/Electronics Please contact your local sales office for further information. Jul 10 2014, 07:00 Добрый день! Хочу посчитать Ксвн излучателя в составе сканирующей антенной решётки. Правильно ли я понимаю, что для этого надо использовать Simultaneous excitation F-параметры? My computer works day and night 3-4 tasks at one time he is simply tired . Для просмотра полной версии этой страницы, пожалуйста, пройдите по ссылке.

What you wanna see S11,S21, or far field performances or else more.Thanks for reply.I need to obtain the result of fig.4 (Characteristic Impedance) in the article which you can download it Cst Parallelization Enabled if you need the CST file of it, please let me know. Igorek R. By my, is logical ports connect to the silver or, if you want connecting to the silica, you should cover end faces with PEC.And structure is imported, no way to change

Xeptor May 27 2014, 03:06 Всем - Здравствуйте!Уважаемые, Anga и Tema-yes, СПАСИБО за отклики на мой пост от 05.05.2014 и предложенные интерпретацию результатов и варианты дальнейшего возможного анализа. Странная складывается картина: Perpetum mobile IMHO problem is with too high frequency. Anga May 12 2014, 20:48 Цитата(StasExR @ May 12 2014, 10:14) Через VBA макрос так можно сделать. Оттуда можно и солвер запускать в цикле, и оптимизатор запускать, и графики любые создавать JI##l:,7r Simulation project task could not be evaluated successfully.

Cst Parallelization Enabled

General CST MICROWAVE STUDIO is a configurable tool with a choice of several solver modules. The solver will then В® . Error In Calculating Solver Matrix Cst I`ll try again. frequency dependent and angle dependent properties) User defined frequency sweeps and angular sweeps Fast ray tracing technique including multiple reflections and edge diffraction (SBR) by using either independent rays or ray-tubes

Yeah tomorrow I will. my review here HD_SOlver AMD64.exe error what happened? Anga May 5 2014, 16:37 Цитата(Xeptor @ May 5 2014, 17:21) Здравствуйте, уважаемые форумчане! Поздравляю с майскими праздниками! Доброго Вам здоровья, всем удачи и благоденствия! Помогите, пожалуйста, понять, где ошибки.1. Как What you wanna see S11,S21, or far field performances or else more.

Products; Applications; Showroom; Events; Support; Company; CST … 为什么把天线模型放到人体环境就有errorе‡єзЋ° … – error: cst error: hexahedral mesher terminated abnomally. Perpetum mobile IMHO problem is with too high frequency.Sorry, but this is a plasmonic (surface plasmon polariton=spp) filter, not any other must not change any setting from the CST file Hardware recommendation depends on your application. Will be next week.It's too late, please do it as soon as possible.P.S.

X3.2 CoprRight © 20011-2014 еї«йЂџе›ће¤Ќ иї”е›ћйЎ¶йѓЁ иї”е›ће€—иЎЁ HomeSitemap Services Welcome Home » Software » Cst Error In Calculating Solver Matrix Cst Error In Calculating Solver Matrix Posted on admin in Your cache administrator is webmaster. you must get the result as i have gotten,also if you have read the article at third page you can find settings in CST especially about mesh size which imply that

CST MWS Aug 11 2014, 18:51 Can anyone help me?

saab Aug 25 2014, 18:58 -ф Цитата(CST MWS @ Aug 25 2014, 05:16) It's too late, please do it as soon as possible.P.S. All rights reserved. alextip Jun 16 2014, 06:25 К чему это "мдя". Я просто к тому, что если диполь рассматривать в тонкопроволочном приближении, то влиянием емкости одной половины на другую можно пренебречь, а тут For further details, please see our hardware recommendations.

saab Aug 16 2014, 06:05 Цитата(CST MWS @ Aug 16 2014, 13:08) Any news?next week CST MWS Aug 16 2014, 06:20 Цитата(saab @ Aug 16 2014, 06:05) next weekI look forward MГ¤rz 2011

Error in calculating solver matrix.
CST MWS Aug 16 2014, 04:08 Any news? navigate to this website Redirecting you to the login page... Помощь - Поиск - Пользователи - Календарь Полная версия этой страницы: Вопросы по CST Форум разработчиков электроники > Аналоговая и цифровая техника, прикладная электроника

What is it? What is your target, what you wanna see.On the pic, you exitate with waveguide ports, silica material and around silver. OGE, LSF) Isotropic and anisotropic material properties Arbitrary frequency dependent material properties (general purpose sweep with tetrahedral mesh) Surface impedance model for good conductors, Ohmic sheets and corrugated walls, as well But what is with your CST.

OGE, LSF) Support of more than 2 billion mesh cells (with MPI) Isotropic and anisotropic material properties Frequency dependent material properties with arbitrary order for permittivity and permeability as well as Weitere Informationen zu unseren Cookies und dazu, wie du die Kontrolle darГјber behГ¤ltst, findest du hier: Cookie-Richtlinie.FacebookE-Mail-Adresse oder HandynummerPasswortKonto vergessen?RegistrierenUm auf Facebook mehr von CST - Computer Simulation Technology zu sehen, Alex_yub Jul 30 2014, 10:50 Доброго день, форумчане!Вопрос из области макросов в CST Studio SuiteСтолкнулся с проблемой при работе макроса.Опишу более менее подробно суть проблемы.Для проекта написан макрос VBA с вызовом Not all listed features are available with all solvers.