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Error In Certificate Voms Extension Not Found


Using CRAB on SL5 UIs, I've got an error message saying: Error - rank: Jdl mandatory attribute is missing This can be obtained doing a "crab -match" or using CRAB in subject : /DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=People/CN=Mike Anderson 74371/CN=proxy issuer : /DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=People/CN=Mike Anderson 74371 identity : /DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=People/CN=Mike Anderson 74371 type : proxy strength : 512 bits path : /tmp/x509up_u782 timeleft : 47:59:06 See other example This was done to avoid contention on the CA hosts. If you are scripting the voms-proxy-info command and check for the exit code, it will be non-zero. news

For CASTOR we will use a dteam proxy. This problem is fixed in CRAB272. Enabling read-only access to your VO An ACL needs to be created with "CONTAINER_READ,MEMBERSHIP_READ" capabilities for anyone that presents a certificate issued by a known VO. myproxy-info times out, forcing re-authentication each time a crab job is submitted.

Voms Proxy Init Cms

See instructions here.# When you follow the above procedure and create a new certificate before the old one expires, you should not need to reregister with the CMS VO, because your The following error was reported: Grid map directory /etc/grid-security/gridmapdir does not exist With an invalid UID the proper error message is reported and the PEP starts 12:18:37.087 - WARN [org.glite.authz.common.obligation.provider.dfpmap.impl.EtcPasswdIDMappingStrategy:77] - To verify it is accessible: Point a certificate-enabled browser window to You should be prompted for your certificates passphrase You should get a Welcome to voms-admin registration for the VDT NO : please contact [email protected] to get this first.

This issue is coming from an outdated syntax in the file /opt/glite/etc/cms/glite_wms.conf. The VOMS WEB UI If all the certificates were in place prior to the pacman installation, a default VO called VDT was configured. Following requests returns faster, few seconds, with: # pepcli --pepd -c usercerts/proxy_300 --resourceid "resource1" --actionid "action1" -x pepcli:ERROR: failed to authorize XACML request: [11]: authorize: processing error: PEPd[]: sending XACML The request was: pepcli --pepd -c proxy_300 --resourceid "resource1" --actionid "action1" -t 60 -x The policy loaded in the PAP was allowing such a request, making the PDP return a

A trial with the following site-info.def PDP_ENTITY_ID="${HOST}/pdp" PAPS_ENDPOINTS="https://${HOST}:8150/pap/services/ProvisioningService" #PAP_ADMIN_DN="/DC=ch/DC=switch/DC=slcs/O=Switch - Teleinformatikdienste PAP_ADMIN_DN="/C=CH/O=CERN/OU=GD/CN=Test user 1" PEP_ENTITY_ID="http://${HOST}/pepd" PDPS_ENDPOINTS="http://${HOST}:8152/authz" USERS_CONF=/opt/glite/yaim/examples/users.conf GROUPS_CONF=/opt/glite/yaim/examples/groups.conf VOS="dteam" showed that yaim terminated successfully despite several error messages: Error: 'java' Erroneous workflow and Pass/Fail Criteria assigning a role which is already granted dismissing a non-assigned role assigning a role for a context the user is not member of In these cases To verify Tomcat is running: > ps -efwww | grep tomcat daemon 16633 1 0 Apr10 ? 00:00:12 /usr/local/osg-voms/jdk1.5/bin/java -server -Xmx256M -XX:MaxPermSize=256m -Djava.util.logging.manager=org.apache.juli.ClassLoaderLogManager -Djava.util.logging.config.file=/usr/local/osg-voms/tomcat/v55/conf/ -Djava.endorsed.dirs=/usr/local/osg-voms/tomcat/v55/common/endorsed -classpath :/usr/local/osg-voms/tomcat/v55/bin/bootstrap.jar:/usr/local/osg-voms/tomcat/v55/bin/commons-logging-api.jar -Dcatalina.base=/usr/local/osg-voms/tomcat/v55 -Dcatalina.home=/usr/local/osg-voms/tomcat/v55 org.apache.catalina.startup.Bootstrap The test should fail if instead of the server specified in the custom vomses file, the one from the standard vomses location is used.

It can be solved by simply copying the content of this directory from an up to date UI. Try to submit without using back/white lists to see if the problem is still there. You won't have all of these but they have all been used in various CRAB versions.# Here are some example commands you can now use.\ Create a grid proxy,# voms-proxy-init Cannot The VOMS server should display a proper error message.

  1. In normal practice, users will request VO membership by accessing the New user registration menu item on the main VOMS web page.
  2. Pass/Fail Criteria voms-proxy-init prints the expected VOMS server hostname and the lifetime of the proxy and exits with code 0.
  3. In some writable area, create a edg-mkgridmap.conf file and populate it with the example configuration file on your VOMS server.
  4. Important use cases that should be covered VO that operates in short FQAN mode VO that has web registration disabled VO that has custom value for membership requests timeout configured VO
  5. Establishing a VO-Admin A person (or persons) can be designated as the VO-Admin for the VOMS VO created.
  6. This issue is coming from an outdated syntax in the file /opt/glite/etc/cms/glite_wms.conf.
  7. The user should become a member of all of the group's predecessors as well (if not already).
  8. The apache/tomcat daemon To verify that Apache is running: # ps -efwww | grep apache |grep httpd (there will be a number of these) root 31071 1 0 10:34 ? 00:00:00
  9. Note: - this is not required if you are using VOMRS.

Voms-proxy-init Atlas

Make sure VOMS-Admin v1.2.x and v2.0.x are installed on the local voms server. In addition to completing this procedure, see instructions below for registering your new certificate in SiteDB.# If instead you do not have an existing non-expired certificate registered in the CMS VO, Voms Proxy Init Cms Once you have the certificate in your browser, the procedure for extracting it to a file depends on the specific browser. voms-proxy-init failed.

It is included in this investigation for the sake of completeness. navigate to this website Finding out how storage is organized You can use the srmls command to figure out how the storage is organized: $ srmls -l srm:// srm client error: java.lang.Exception: Return status: - Test Description Successful Tests Errors Mean Time Mean Time Standard Deviation TPS Peak TPS Test 1 pepcli multi tests 10413610 693 68.8 41.5 154 479 19 Oct 2009: SSL enabled, 10 are you writing CMSSW EDProducts to file, in addition to root histograms?

I am using myproxy client 4.2 and voms-proxy-init 1.8.3 included in the gLite 3.1.18-0 User Interface distribution: : myproxy-get-delegation --version myproxy-logon version MYPROXYv2 (v4.2 10 Jan 2008 PAM OCSP) : voms-proxy-init Pass/Fail Criteria The test passes when the CLI reports a proper error message and exits with a non zero code. Now if we switch to another VO: $ voms-proxy-init --voms pvier Enter GRID pass phrase: Your identity: /O=dutchgrid/O=users/O=nikhef/CN=Jan Just Keijser Creating temporary proxy ........................................................ Done Your proxy is valid until Mon Apr 8 22:18:34 2013 You are not done yet!

Exit code should be 0. This has to be verified with list-members as well. ok enabling init service apache...

It will be the only entry. [[email protected] /usr/local/osg/voms]$ echo 'group vomss:// vdt' >./edg-mkgridmap.conf Execute the edg-mkgridmap: [[email protected] /usr/local/osg/voms]$ source $VDT_LOCATION/ [[email protected] /usr/local/osg/voms]$ edg-mkgridmap --conf ./edg-mkgridmap.conf ...

Note: If you are using VOMRS to manage your VO membership, there is no need for a VOMS administrator. Your identity: /DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=People/CN=John Weigand 458491 Enter GRID pass phrase: [PASSWORD] Creating temporary proxy .......................................... The server returns to the client a VOMS proxy containing the FQAN /vo_name/Role=NULL/Capability=NULL at position 1 if the server is operating in long FQAN mode or /vo_name if the server is Cheers, emir Emir Imamagic Attached Files

Attached Filesfile #4160: added by eimamagi (686B - application/octet-stream - Bug workaround) Dependencies Depends on the following items: None found


There are times when only one is running and the server works fine. All material on this collaboration platform is the property of the contributing authors. If you have added the user for the purpose of assigning the VO-Admin role, you will want to re-visit Establishing a VO-Admin to assign the role. click site assign-role should be tested with multiple roles for a single context.

The configure_voms script is also used to remove any VOs that are no longer needed and will be documented here as well. Test-PEPD-FUNC-7-8: X509 PIP: OK * Addin the PIP to the pep ini file the authorization request is correctly enhanced with attributes about the certificates. Managing VOMS-ADMIN default access control lists Normal workflow and Pass/Fail Criteria Access control entries are added in the default ACL for a context. During the pepcli requests the pdp daemon has been killed and restarted.

This is a misleading as the voms proxy has been created and is valid. Starting VOMS With this release all services are initially disabled so you will have to enable them manually as follows: [[email protected] /usr/local/osg/voms]$ cd /usr/local/osg/voms [[email protected] /usr/local/osg/voms]$ source [[email protected] /usr/local/osg/voms]$ vdt-control The CRL update cron The EDG CRL update process (essential if you are collaborating with EDG people) updates the certificate revocation lists on a daily (default) basis. Erroneous workflow and Pass/Fail Criteria If the user is not a member of the VO, voms-proxy-init should print an error message and exit with code 1.

IGNORE_USERS[0]="Nicolo Magini" IGNORE_USERS[1]="sandra malvezzi" ########################################################################### Currently, we are not ignoring any members in the cdf VO. Done Contacting [/DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=Services/] "VDT" Done Creating proxy ................................. Test-PEPD-PERF-1-2: Performance tests: pepd with and without requests caching has been used during load tests, see below. Done Your proxy is valid until Tue Jun 27 21:05:42 2006 > voms-proxy-info WARNING: Unable to verify signature!