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Error In Communication With Exchange Server N900

This also can be done from a device console: $ ps ax | grep as-daemon This command will produce output like this: 1503 user 25756 S /usr/sbin/as-daemon -D --pidfile=/var/lock/as-daemon where 1503 Powered by vBulletin Version 4.2.2 Copyright © 2016 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. just the servername. Posts 1,066 Re: Problem in syncing Nokia N900 to new Zarafa Server Ok, please try to set loose provisioning to true in config.php .

See (A (Free) Level One certificate from seems to work well here). 2.5, 12.0 (no 12.1) Motorola Milestone 2.1, 2.2 See Motorola Droid above. Best Regards Matthias 26-04-2011,07:58 AM #9 dw2412 View Profile View Forum Posts Private Message Visit Homepage Senior Member Join Date Nov 2008 Location Hilden, close to Duesseldorf, NRW, Germany, Europe, Earth... I think some of this has improved as part of implementing more recent EAS versions in Z-Push. You signed in with another tab or window.

Contacts, Calendar and Tasks are supported, but your device also needs to support the requested folders. Forwarding a message will always attempt to put the main message text body in-line and keep any original attachments. Facebook Comments Loading... Once this SYNC is triggered though, all message changes are taken into account.

  1. It can be turned off by sending the same kill -USR2 command again.
  2. If you set this value to false devices that don't support provisioning will not be allowed to sync with the server.
  3. Take the logs following the steps described in the section How can I turn the logging ON or OFF?
  4. It seems that iOS devices do NOT support 12.0.
  5. What version are you running?
  6. It uses file based storage - depending on the Z-Push version it uses either a single file or a directory of files for each device.

On the iPhone, after everything is completely set up, you must go back into the account settings and disable SSL. Otherwise, the message is immediately expunged. Disabling email syncing - even if enabling calendar and contacts - seems to prevent the initial folder sync required for the account to be initially set up on the phone. Native support in 2.2 and later, earlier versions can use the Corporate Directory app in the Marketplace.

OK - usually users upgrade their device but in case it is N900 with first firmware release and it never got updated it will not work with Z-Push. Also, if using Horde_ActiveSync as part of a typical Horde install you get all the ease of configuration that our administration interface provides. The main differences Some of these are specific to using Horde data as a backend to Horde_ActiveSync: Modularity. Contacts verified to work. 2.5 Nokia N900 Maemo 1.3 No ?

It is mostly based on the analysis of the MfE support thread. and no.3, in both cases N900 synced like a charm, even over 443 (which never worked on server no.1) ... Advanced Search Forum Zarafa Forums Archives Archives Zarafa Users Archives Mobile devices Archives [Solved] Problem in syncing Nokia N900 to new Zarafa Server Zarafa is hiring!We are looking for new team Contacts and Calendar 2.5, 12.0 Moxier Mail 2.15.1 (Android) Yes Yes Minimal recurrence support in calendar.

The workaround is to use mfefolders application and disable synchronization of "Deleted Items" folder. [edit] Sync with Google Mail / Google Calendar is broken. "Error in communication with Exchange Server" is This mostly occurs when syncing on secure connections by using a self-signed certificate and/or missing certificate authority (CA) tag in the respective field. The TouchDown client and Windows Mobile both support Tasks. Exchange passwords are NEVER logged. "Enable Exchange parser logging" - If checked, logs a great deal of the CONTENT of mail, contacts, and calendar entries (excluding the text of emails other

Another important hint about importing certificates. If you have used a device with Horde's ActiveSync support that is not listed below, please feel free to let us know how it went. This will just clear your current syslog file. For instance: cmcli -T common-ca -v localhost:443 The output should read something like this: 0115e5345e4dd64855ed1e3d44060be25f26c2e6 nixu-jum trust chain(1): b5567d6c9eef05f07966d98eb2a85716bff4e80d Maemosec test CA Verified OK or 0115e5345e4dd64855ed1e3d44060be25f26c2e6 nixu-jum Verification failed: self signed

The iPhone/iPod will not let you turn this off until after you save the configuration, so you must continue through all the errors and go back into the settings to disable Reply Yomi Adegboye May 26, 2010 artwales,I wasn't aware that the MfE and Google Sync issue was widespread. I still have my Windows Mobile LG GW550 and can use that to run some review tests.Cheers. More about the author In more technical terms, only EAS protocol 12.1 is supported and implementation is tested against MS Exchange 2007 servers.

Of the tested devices, iOS (versions < 5.0) and Android are lacking native Task applications. On Android devices, it is possible to enable debug level logging of the ActiveSync conversation as well: To reach the Debug logging screen: pre-Honeycomb: Go to the Account screen in the The table below tries to summarize the most important differences between S60 and Maemo MfE implementations.

After it is wiped, the status will be shown as Wiped, if you wish to allow the device to connect to your server again, you need to explicitly remove the device

Clicking Wipe in the Horde interfaces for device management flags the server to send the wipe command to the device the next time it synchronizes. With TouchDown, for example, after setup you must select the folders you want sync'd under the Advanced settings tab. The code that handles the protocol level is essentially the same, though it has been heavily refactored and cleaned. Maemo and S60 MfE feature summary Feature S60 status Maemo status E-Mail YES, subfolders are not synced YES, subfolders are synced Calendar YES YES Tasks YES YES Notes ?

If the server is trusted, ignore this warning." msgstr "" msgctxt "activesync_ia_lock_settings" msgid "The Exchange server requires changes in device lock settings." msgstr "" msgctxt "activesync_ia_wizard_text" msgid "" "Mail for Exchange Since ActiveSync email support is inferior to many native email clients, this functionality is disabled by default. Pressing Ctrl+C will bring you back to the shell. Open xterm and execute:sudo gainroot Execute the following commands: gconftool-2 -s --type=string /apps/activesync/ActiveSyncAccount1/use_version 2.5 gconftool-2 -s --type=string /apps/activesync/ActiveSyncAccount1Temp/use_version 2.5 Now continue MfE setup wizard and enter server address.

The solution is very simple. Please remove always the sync profile on device prior testing the server. Note that not all devices support Tasks. No luck yet.I would appreciate a good write-up and recommendation from you on email clients; nokia email, emoze, Tricastmail,mozat,mobiquus, etc.

If you do not remove this entry, the device will continue to be wiped each time it reconnects to the server. Here's what the checkboxes mean: "Enable extra debug logging" - If checked, this turns on basic logging (no passwords or other content is logged); most useful for debugging crashes. "Enable sensitive Open xterminal and type the following dbus command (note, I am not sure of the difference between fullSync and sync. In addition to the ICS backend, Z-Push also provides a number of other backends - all of which extend what they call the "Diff" backend.