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Error In Compiling Flex Application Sap

Contact us about this article Hi guys I have a doubt about visual composer in SAP Netweaver 7.3. There can be multiple reasons for that. You should now get an xml string containing data about your selected destination. Instead, the first release was designed and released as a web application for Flash Player, which facilitated the roll-out and transparent updates to all end users, including customer service and telesales

Parsley For Hendrix, the Flex IoC framework of choice was Parsley. Event Flow Phases An event goes through three phases looking for event handlers. The capture phase stops at the parent of the object that triggered the event. Flex - Event Handling Flex uses concept of event to pass data from one object to another depend upon the state or user interaction within the application.

For example consider Style.css file in com/tutorialspoint/client folder where HelloWorld.mxml file also lies. /* CSS file */ @namespace s "library://"; @namespace mx "library://"; ... .container { cornerRadius :10; horizontalCenter :0; borderColor: Step 1 - Access the Visual composer Easiest way to do this is access your SAP portal using the URL similar to Then replace the irj/portal section with VC You To activate this capability, only a few small changes to the LiveCycle Data Services XML configuration files are necessary, specifically: advanced messaging support in service-config.xml reliable messaging turned in messaging-config.xml Leveraging Step 4: Setup Apache Tomcat: You can download the latest version of Tomcat from

  1. Way #1: Using external style sheet file You can refer to a style sheet available in the class path of the application.
  2. If everything is fine with your application, this will produce following result: [ Try it online ] Flex - Style with Skin What is Skining?
  3. Hit search and drag the GetWeather data service onto your iView.
  4. A Skin can define text, image, filters , transitions and states of a compoent.
  5. This file contains placeholders which Flash Builder replaces during compilation process for example flash player version, application name etc.
  6. HelloWorld.html, wrapper/host HTML File for flex application.
  7. Flash Builder will create the following file.
  8. How can I dynamically address the portal ?   I found something about using "portal:" that will replace http://:/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/  but did not succeed to make it works.   In the VC
  9. For more on this, see Damon Cooper's post Introduction to the SAP Connector in Data Services.
  10. history folder contains support files for history management of Flex application.

spark_xxx.swf, library for spark component support. To this end, the public APIs for the modules, libraries, packages, and classes were kept to a minimum. If you take the generated coding (ActionScript), manipulate it, compile it outside the Visual Composer and deploy it, then this licese key is not passed nad you retrieve this erro. Keep rest of the files unchanged. 3Compile and run the application to make sure business logic is working as per the requirements.

It is also available for installation through application stores such as Android Market or the Amazon Appstore for Android (stores that AIR developers can also use to distribute apps). HelloWorld.swf will load automatically and application will start running. Figure 4. However, when building advanced enterprise object-orientated systems (that require automated ways to construct, retrieve, and isolate objects) IoC frameworks are worth considering.

Estimated availability date is subject to change. If the direct RTMP TCP connect attempt fails, Flash Player will attempt RTMPT (a tunnel through an HTTP proxy) or eventually fall back to adaptive HTTP requests that tunnel RTMP data SolutionsBrowse by Line of BusinessAsset ManagementOverviewEnvironment, Health, and SafetyAsset NetworkAsset Operations and MaintenanceCommerceOverviewSubscription Billing and Revenue ManagementMaster Data Management for CommerceOmnichannel CommerceFinanceOverviewAccounting and Financial CloseCollaborative Finance OperationsEnterprise Risk and ComplianceFinancial Planning Once you downloaded the installation, unpack the binary distribution into a convenient location.

Make this change then complie and deploy it again. The whole system can appear complex (see Figure 3), but taken one by one, the subsystem implementations are not that complicated. Enter the details as shown below. Form Controls Following are few important Form Controls: S.N.Control & Description 1Button The Button component is a commonly used rectangular button. 2ToggleButton The ToggleButton component defines a toggle button. 3CheckBox The

They produced a clear and choreographed user interface first expressed through stories, Adobe Fireworks wireframes (see Figure 4), and behavior documents, and then later through Adobe Illustrator visuals (see Figure 5). my review here When we build our code using Flash Builder, Flash builder will do the following tasks Compiles the source code to HelloWorld.swf file. Does anybody came across this error?   Thank you.   Best regards, Christian 0 0 05/11/11--08:46: Import to QA fails with the problem of application aliases Contact us about this article Start the tomcat server.

Step 9 - Compile and deploy Within the deploy button on the right hand toolbar select compile and then deploy. Speed and scalability were major requirements in the Hendrix project, so we decided against web services (and the slippery SOAP approach) and chose to use object serialization. A red broken line should have appeared, now let go of the mouse and select 'Add Input Form'. Once you downloaded the installation, unpack the binary distribution into a convenient location.

Hendrix software architecture On both the Flex client and the Java server, the development team opted for the same architectural style, which facilitated loose coupling and independent development, deployment, and testing. Look inside webapps directory, there should be a folder HelloWorld got created. By the way, why I have to call the remote function and than the same procedure - the remote function is called by the entry lists service with input fields -

Figure 10.

Step 5 - Create an iView Double click on your model to open it up. Hendrix sample wireframes. Learning of these two is a must to work in Flex. Flex - Environment Setup This tutorial will guide you on how to prepare a development environment to start your work with Adobe Flex Framework.

They can be configured as long polling, streaming, or simple polling with piggybacking enabled. (The first release of Hendrix used long polling and piggybacking.) The AMF/HTTP channels using LiveCycle Data Services Please reply if anybody can help resolve this error.       0 0 06/18/14--11:30: Number Format Mask Question Contact us about this article Hi guys, i´m trying to use a And, it's not just faster for loading–it also speeds client side sorting and filtering and requires less client-side memory. Products How to Buy Learn & Support About Adobe Creative Cloud Photoshop Illustrator InDesign Premiere Pro After Effects Lightroom See all See plans for: businesses photographers students Document Cloud Acrobat DC

They will release an SAP Connector for LiveCycle Data Services later this year. SAP Java Connector (SAP JCo) and its underlying high-performance JNI-based RFC middleware. Flex - Visual Effects We can add behaviour to flex application using concept of Effects. Application Launch Process Open the HelloWorld.html file available in \HelloWorld\bin-debug folder in any web-browser.

For example, if you need to ensure that some code runs during a preloader, you need to know where to place the code for that event. Let us modify this file to display custom messages if flash plugin is not installed. ${title}