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Error In Dbmserver Or Dbmcli

If you did not change the default settings for locations during the MaxDB installation as we advised in our last article, the default location is /opt/sdb on Unix and C:\Program Files\sdb The following issues were faced after re-initialization of livecache. This in turn helps you to analyze and debug problems on your own. It made sense to me because that is the error we encountered when trying to bring up the livecache, we get "sdb user unknown"   Only when we restarted the server

If the DBM GUI and the database instance are running on the same host, you do not need to alter the default value of for localhost/ . No charts will be displayed. @8O\[email protected] LCA+ Exception CX_DBA_ADBC in class CL_SDB_ADBC method DBM_EXECUTE line 82 / RC=ADBC error @5C\QError [email protected] LCA SQL not possible     From DB59,   1 DBMCLI Usage Example Stay tuned, the lengthy explanations on the hardware footprint of MaxDB do not only explain how to debug your setup, but also lead us directly to the first Carol Perkins replied Nov 15, 2007 In the syslog (tcode sm21), and on the NT server's syslog, I also get these errors: Database error -10709 at CON > Connection failed (RTE:database

Epicor Software ... Client and server part together are called the Database Manager. I can trigger and successfully execute backups through DB Studio for my LC database. All rights reserved.

  • Click on "Add" to display a list of all MaxDB database instances running on the specified host, select the database you want to register at the DBM GUI and click OK.
  • The first tool is the Database Manager GUI and it's commandline counterpart dbmcli.
  • can't work with DBMGUI runtime error while trying to set the database online PAM authentication failed on linux while installing MaxDB Database Error changing DBM password -24961,ERR_STATE: The operational state of
  • More SAP Groups Your account is ready.
  • That means the table name "Dual", "DUal" and "dUal" refer to three different tables and none of them refers to the table DUAL.
  • The Database Manager Protocol is not only a great source of information when you debug connection problems.
  • You can use call the CLI tool DBMCLI from within your own administration scripts.
  • then, restart SAP and try again.
  • Type: \h for help with commands \q to quit sqlcli=> \h \?
  • from LCA ??? (RED) liveCache Initialization 001 (RED) Using tcode SE38> program RSLVCINIT > database connection LCA, I get this error: Error in DBMSERVER or DBMCLI What is wrong ?

In Bestpractise Dok  Checklist for Recovery of SAP APO liveCache >= 7.4 I found: APO/SCM only Do not select “Restore database until a specified time.” If the liveCache instance is not Back to the debug example. Scripts can help you to automate standard tasks and ensure that things are always done in the same, documented way. c)While running the planning area consistency check , received error "storage bucket profile does not exists in the live cache".   Can anyone help on how to correct the issue if

Again, it's not difficult to do the reverse engineering and find out where the DBM GUI gets the information to show the On/Off status information. So, in this case MaxDB belives you want to refer to the column "Hello PlanetMySQL!" which does not exist. I would normally restore ERP, SCM and probably livecache to same timestamp, but if it is not possible to restore to a time stamp..... ?   Question 3 to Note 886103: test with "native SQL"  ( LCA )                     Successful DB Connect            Link to database failed Offline Call          connect failed 0 0 12/08/14--11:27: LiveCache Error after updating the version Contact us about this

test with "dbmcli db_state"                         Unsuccessful   dbmcli_command_execute_error   Error! Usage: sqlcli [] ... [] Options for connecting to the database: -n [:] name of the host on which the database instance is installed(default: localhost) -d name of the database As you might expect, you will find version-dependent server software in the Dependent Path. Start a new thread here 1618120 Related Discussions DB13C - DBMCLI Live-cache connection user Fail Over in NODE B Sqlconnection in livecache Problem with APO Livecache configuration Backup error after few

We also do not describe the Loader (Im-/Export tool) or any of the database utilities ( Event Dispatcher, XCONS, XUSER, X Server) today. In order to quit SQLCLI you do not write quit but \quit. SAP and the SAP logo are registered trademarks of SAP SE. The meaning of the levels and the phenomena that can occur are explained in the MaxDB manual, see Glossary: Isolation Level.

Fill out the combo box "Database Server" of the wizard to specify the host on which your database instance "MAXDB1" runs. The Database Manager GUI (DBM GUI) and the Database Manager CLI (DBMCLI) are two clients of the Database Manager Server (DBM Server). SQLCLI can be invoked with the same options as DBMCLI. MaxDB supports all Isolation Levels defined by the ANSI standard.

Or all the three will be used for LC to be functional?   2. We will not discuss any more details of SQLCLI. Searching the online manual is difficult, but there is a trick to search the manual. The GUI interface is handy for beginners but also experts will profit from the built-in, easy to use wizards of the DBM GUI.

It has been made the statement that this protocol file is a great help to learn about DBM commands as it can be used to reverse engineer DBM GUI commands. Alternatively you can use a right mouse click on "Servers" in the directory structure area (upper left) to invoke the wizard using the context menu. Most of the components have their own logfile.

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Online: SQL users can connect, administrative commands can be executed Admin: only administrative tasks can be executed Offline: not running Learning DBM command using the Reverse Engineering trick At the beginning Home | Invite Peers | More SAP Groups Your account is ready. MaxDB distinguishes between simple and special identifiers. It is more convenient and comfortable to use SQL Studio or any other ODBC/JDBC based third-party GUI tool as your favourite SQL tool $ /opt/sdb/programs/bin/sqlcli -h SQLCLI version 7.6.0, the MaxDB

The series started about four weeks ago and it will very likely take the rest of the year to complete. Make sure your firewall does not block this port. And - listen - you can use the DBMPRT to reverse engineer actions that have been performed in the DBM GUI. For now, please consult the manual.

Up to and including version 7.5.00 there are web based counterparts of the Windows GUI tools (DBM GUI and SQL Studio). After the upgrade was done to 7.9 there are several errors in LC10.   @0S\QInformation [email protected] IGS is not available (RC=1). You can choose between: not committed, committed, repeatable and serializable. The Database Manager GUI (DBM GUI) can be used to administrate multiple database instances.

Top This thread has been closed due to inactivity. They tried to perform the x_server stop, kill sdb process then start x_server again but the livecache won't come up still.   So I ended up restarting the livecache server itself