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Error In File Db2advis.sqc

Tablespace ID = 4 Name = SYSTOOLSTMPSPACE Type = System managed space Contents = User Temporary data State = 0xc000 Detailed explanation: Offline Drop Pending db2diag -g db=QADB9 -time 2009-06-01 2009-06-03- For ZRC errors, you need to call IBM support. In your restore example, source and target is SOMEDB. Next time you have to restore this db, drop the target db first and then check the db directory to make sure that there are files left over from the drop

Post your question and get tips & solutions from a community of 418,513 IT Pros & Developers. Thanks. regards, dotyet Nov 12 '05 #2 P: n/a dotyet that did not help, I have given this user dbadm authority and also provided it with the correct explain table schema name Thanks in advance from IBM web site It will be placed in this state only if the table space is found to be damaged during the restart operation.

I am looking for ways to get started with that. SQL5005C Explanation: A system error, probably an I/O error, was encountered while accessing a configuration file. Why would it happen? If the backup image doesn't contain SYSTOOLSTMPSPACE, then your target db will not have this tablespace after the restore (restore will override your target db) If the backup image does contain

DATA #1 : SQLCA, PD_DB2_TYPE_SQLCA, 136 bytes sqlcaid : SQLCA sqlcabc: 136 sqlcode: 2563 sqlerrml: 0 sqlerrmc: sqlerrp : sqludBMR sqlerrd : (1) 0x00000000 (2) 0x00000000 (3) 0x00000000 (4) 0x00000000 (5) Report the following error code : " 2". does support Vista. Watson Product Search Search None of the above, continue with my search SQL0818N error when running db2advis SQL0818N; db2advis; -818; design advisor Technote (troubleshooting) Problem(Abstract) Running the db2advis command returns error

However, whenever I try to execute the db2advis utility I get the following error: C:\db_tuning>db2advis -d DB_TEST1 -user db2admin/db2admin -i query_1.sql Using user id as default schema name. And At the time, I saw the db2diag.log for warning and error. Product is installed at "/db2/product/9.5". New database was created and it has the same tablespace names and the same number of containers.

We can find the locking process by fuser or lsof. I am looking for ways to get started with that. I had this problem in one DB and I was able to fix it by dropping SYSTOOLSTMPSPACE TS and then taking the backup. When I run it I get: SQL5005C System Error.

db2advis giving trouble DB2ADVIS Error: SQL0444N Routine "*IZE_INFO" (specific name "GET_DBSIZE_INFO") unable to run db2advis on restored backup from another machine db2advis with stored procedures db2advis from Client db2advis -m C? abhishek joshi replied Nov 27, 2012 The EXPLAIN.DDL on $HOME/sqllib/misc/ is missing ... I am including the possibilities below. I have an issue while taking a backup of Dev DB2 database.

The time now is 12:37. my review here The db2advis tool needs the explain tables and the advise tables to exist. And At the time, I saw the db2diag.log for warning and error. I'm getting all of these error in the dev environment db2diag.log this morning: 2009-10-14- I5595627A411 LEVEL: Error (OS) PID : 860246 TID : 772 FUNCTION: DB2 Common, OSSe, ossGetDiskInfo, probe:90 MESSAGE

  • For your information: db2level Code: DB21085I Instance "db2inst3" uses "64" bits and DB2 code release "SQL09050" with level identifier "03010107".
  • The issues does not have fixed reproducible steps, however, following are some scenario. 1.
  • Got sidetracked for a bit but never did get the redirected restored to work.
  • Subsequent SQL statements can be processed. (Reason "Dependent MST's packed Descriptor not found".) SQLSTATE=58004 I get the same for a drop tablespace where the table resides.
  • Regards, Nancy Go to system A and issue the following command: db2 list db directory This will tell you what directory the database is installed at, so you install the database

I am on DB2 UDB 8.2 (8.1 with Fixpak 8) on Windows. Your cache administrator is webmaster. SYstem A and B have the same OS, the two DB2 instances are at the same version. click site The db2diag.log has the following information: 2005-04-20- E2119721H402 LEVEL: Error PID : 2816 TID : 2836 PROC : db2advis.exe INSTANCE: DB2 NODE : 000 APPID : *LOCAL.DB2.050420171942 FUNCTION: DB2 UDB, User

CALLED : OS, -, unspecified_system_function OSERR : EACCES (13) "Permission denied" DATA #1 : File name, 17 bytes /jhdfjhl/stmmlog This directory is not there. Ended up re-creating the database and exporting/importing the data. To understand what's happening, can you get the following info: source system: db2pd -d -tablespaces target system: df -k Also, restore script We need to know whether your tablespaces

Another DBA has created a db for him self to play with.

Knut, my question is "How to prevent that error in future" That obviously depends on what process locks the active log file. How can I solve the problem? Andy It looks like db2 can't open a file where the 'db cfg' info is stored -> SQLDBCONF. Thanks actually this the develop server, we performed a offline reorg in prod server and the backup and logs were restored in the development server, in which the index was invalid

I observed that the Instance Home directory is full, so I have trimmed the diaglog. All rights reserved. Weird error on DROP TABLE 9.1 fp4a on AIX I'm getting a really weird error on a drop table command for one specific table: SQL0901N The SQL statement failed because of navigate to this website Do you notice this tablespace state right after the restore?

Database not found after adding new database There are 12 Databases on one instance, I have created a new database in the same instance. DATABASE USER database performance procedure connection user program Home About Us Contact Us DB2 Redirected Restore - SQL5005C System Error DB2 9.5 on AIX I am trying to do a redirected This will not cause any functional problem, but may mean DB2 will not perform optimally. It suggest that there was some access problem with temporary space.

This will not cause any functional problem, but may mean DB2 will not perform optimally. Epicor Software ... A tablespace is put in offline state when its container(s) is not accessible for some reason. While using database for some time, one of the existing database gets corrupted.

Then restore was done on 2009-04-29 - I can't see anything else there, Bella. Just need this to help you out further. db2diag.log attached. SQL2025N An I/O error while performing backup White Papers & Webcasts HP ProLiant Gen8 Servers: SMB Impact Assessment Intelligent performance for a growing business: HP ProLiant Gen8 e-Series servers Strategy Guide

Thanks ... 2002-08-30- Instance:xxxx Node:000 PID:60240(db2agent (instance)) Appid:none access_plan_manager sqlra_load_dyn_stmt Probe:40 DIA9999E An internal error occurred. Kelly Fitzgerald replied Nov 27, 2012 the account that ran the explain.ddl and the account that is running db2advise, are they the same account? Why are you performing a redirected restore? just click on Edit Paul there are some possibilities for index rebuild.

does the user have schema access to the explain tables? In that case it is really not a DB2 problem as n_i implies. If you like, attach your db2diag.log here and I'll take a look.